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Chicken Everywhere May Soon Be Imported From China To Save A Few Pennies


Thanks, FDA. So much for the whole “American Made” craze. And there’s no law requiring to let you know where it came from, either.

MSN has the details:

The USDA has ended a ban on Chinese chicken imports, giving four Chinese poultry processors the go-ahead to start shipping processed chicken to the U.S. Although the chickens will be killed in America, no USDA inspectors will be at the processing plants in China. As the meat shipped here will be processed, there’s no requirement for point-of-origin labeling, so consumers won’t be able to ascertain where those precious chicken nuggets hail from. Bloomberg correspondent Adam Minter, for one, believes the USDA decision is a bad one, considering China’s rotten track record with food safety and last year’s bird flu outbreak.

So let me get this straight: American chickens are going to be slaughtered, shipped to China, processed, then sent back to the states? Seriously? Nothing like putting our food and health at risk just to save a couple bucks.

  • COED Writer