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Hey Handsome: Jump Start Your Body & Mind


We know how it is every morning: your alarm goes off, you snooze before sauntering into the shower, head heavy from another night of not enough sleep. You get in your car or on the subway and can barely keep your eyes open during the commute. You arrive at your office and stare at the computer screen for an hour or so until that cup of joe finally kicks in. You guys, there is a better way. Put Anthony Logistics Invigorating Rush Hair + Body Wash in your shower, and forget about going back to sleep.

Formulated to jump start your mind and body while it cleanses, the masculine alpine wood scent instantly invigorates the senses while eucalyptus and sage extracts energize. Canadian balsam, allantoin and chamomile soothe and reduce inflammation if you’ve had a rough night or vigorous workout. Great for skin and hair, it cleanses and conditions in one step to save you time.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, Anthony Logistics donates a portion of sales to prostate cancer research (September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month if you didn’t know). So help yourself and someone else this month and shop at

COED Writer