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Prehistoric 700lb+ Gators Being Caught In Mississippi


Excuse me while I erase Mississippi from my mental map of the United States. Never knew that Southern state is the closest thing we have to Jurassic Park in this country of ours.

The details on the beasts, cortesy of TDM:

The first record was set early on Sunday, with a 10ft reptile, weighing 295.3lb, which took the heaviest and longest titles for a female alligator. Just a few hours later however, first-time hunter Beth Trammell, of Madison, helped haul in a 723.5lb male alligator. Her catch broke the state record, but only for a few hours. Later in the day UPS worker Dustin Bockman was part of a three-man team who caught a 13ft long, 727lb beast from the Mississippi.

The fact that Dustin Bockman didn’t attempt to capture his catch alive then release it on his college football enemies is the most surprising thing the South has seen since Sherman’s March.

  • COED Writer