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PA Hospital Is The First To Offer Treatment Program For Internet Addiction


It’s finally come down to this. The Internet is now considered just as or even more addicting than gambling, alcohol, smack, heroin, cocaine and women.

The Bradford Regional Medical Center in Pennsylvania is launching the nation’s first program for people who can’t break away from the Intertubes. Dr. Kimberley Young, the psychologist who founded the 10-day digital detox, says that online mainlining is “more pervasive than alcoholism. The Internet is free, legal and fat free.” What’s not free is the treatment. Patients will have to pay $14,000 out of pocket because it’s not covered by insurance.

$14K to get me to stop looking at cats, knockout videos and porn? May be worth it if you have that much of a problem. Well, unless you’re solely addicted to COED. If that’s the case, keep calm and carry on.

COED Writer