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Weekend Style: One Last Chance to Jump in the Pool


Okay, so maybe it’s not your very last chance, but with Labor Day we do celebrate the last “official” weekend of summer. So whether you’re going to some swagged-out tropical resort, hanging at your neighbor’s pool or just opening a fire hydrant, you might as well look good while you’re making memories. What are we wearing to the party this weekend? Chubbies Shorts, of course.

The people over at Chubbies have a simple mantra: pants are a necessary evil. Sure you have to wear them to the office because your boss is lame, but it’s almost the weekend, and the world is your oyster. But what makes Chubbies so special? The brand has dedicated its entire existence to simply making the best shorts on the market. Comfortable, flexible and aerodynamic, you can literally do anything in these shorts like drink beer in a pool, BBQ delicious meats and make the ladies drool over your leg swag. It’s one of those win-win situations people talk about.

So because you’re a winner and all, you should step into a pair of Chubbies swim trunks like us. Fun prints and cool names like Trunky Monkeys and Motorboaters are a guaranteed way to chat up bikini-clad honeys at the beach this weekend. Just try not to show them up too hard, though it will be difficult if you’re rocking shorts this fly.

Sky’s out, thighs out gentlemen. Shop at

  • COED Writer