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40 Reasons To Rush A Fraternity This Fall [PHOTOS]


This fall a lot of you will be heading to college for the first time and will more than likely be rushed by one or more fraternities. This is a good thing. Embrace it. For the next few weeks, fraternities across the country will be vying for freshmen attention–trying their hardest to get the most quality pledges they can, however they can.

If it means feeding you beers until you puke, they’ll do that. If it means staying up ’til morning late to take shots, they’ll go for as long as you can.

If it means coercing fraternity sweethearts into taking some downright sexy photos, so be it. Here are 40 incredible reasons to rush.

A quick word about the photos below. Most of them were taken from a great site called TotalFratMove. It’s pretty fratty.

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