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Is Bodybuilder Georgina McConnell Hot or Not? [PHOTOS]


All photos via Facebook

Don’t get us wrong, we love strong women, both physically and mentally. But how strong is too strong? We may have found our answer, and her name isĀ Georgina McConnell.

Georgina is a 19-year-old bodybuilder from the UK who took home the gold medal in the UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation North East Championships this summer. And although some people may be into it, we think it’s actually kind of nasty. In fact, we passed the below photos around the office and took a poll. Here are some of the comments from the peanut gallery:

“It’s like a woman’s head on a man’s body.”

“I wonder if she can fit her arms into sleeves?”

“Yeah gross”

“Boss mode?”

“Her head is kinda big.”

Someone photoshopped a girls head onto a muscular guy wearing a bikini.”

“That is frightening.”

“Oh god why?”

Before you get all hyped up and tell us we’re wrong to say female bodybuilding is repulsive, we feel the same way about men who do it too. Because there’s no chance that much Mega Whey is healthy for anyone. Do any of you people find this attractive at all? Check out the Georgina McConnell gallery and vote in the poll below.

COED Writer