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Hey Handsome: Here’s a Cologne for a Grown Ass Man


Let’s face it: the last thing you want to smell like is your 16-year-old self on the first day of school. We can all admit to having worn some pretty stanky fragrances back in the day when buying cologne at the drugstore was acceptable in everyone’s mind. But you’re all grown up now and know better than to spray yourself down with just anything. You need something clean and simple to bait the ladies. Azzaro Chrome United can help with that.

As the newest fragrance from Azzaro, Chrome United is meant to perfectly fit your lifestyle, wherever you may go. Clean and long-lasting, this “linear” fragrance smells all day the way it smells at first spray, so don’t expect any crazy surprises. So what exactly does it smell like anyway? Bergamot, coriander, ceylon black tea and cedar wood create a freshly masculine scent that is undeniably woody. It’s like the equivalent of having a really manly beard.

Get Azzaro Chrome United for $76 at

COED Writer