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Ten Country Songs For People Who Listen To “Everything But Country” [VIDEOS]


Country music today is garbage, worse then whatever pop crap will win a VMA tonight, but there used to be some dope country music out there

Country music is one of things that hipsters have both ruined and saved…kind of like the ’90s. Some of them will smugly spit the line “I listen to everything but country,” but if you mention a good old country song, they’ll respond in one of two ways: “That’s not country, that’s folk” or “Well, I like old country.” When I was getting my second tattoo, I remember telling the hipster with the art needle in my arm, “that new Johnny Cash album is pretty good for country,” then he responded by yanking the needle out of my arm and pointing it at me before he insisted that Cash wasn’t country.

More than just hipsters have caught the “everything but country” bug, and those who like “old country” try to ignore the racism or sexism involved, but that’s all part of the game. Point is, there’s some damn good country songs out there that you can feel OK admitting is country. For example, the Statler Brothers song above that Tarantino used in “Pulp Fiction.” That song was so good we all forget that that s**t is straight country. Here’s 9 other songs that you can get down with.

Waylon Jennings – “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right”

Hank Williams, Jr. – “Your Cheatin’ Heart”

Johnny Cash – “Folsom Prison Blues”

Jimmy Dean – “Big Bad John”

Patsy Cline – “Crazy”

Merle Haggard – “Mama Tried”

Tammy Wynette – “Stand By Your Man”

Loretta Lynn – “The Pill”

Waylon Jennings – “Good Ol’ Boys”

COED Writer