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How Psyched Are You For Breaking Bad? [VIDEO]


Things like interviews with Dean Norris, the bald dude who plays Hank, should make you pumped for the show tonight

The only good thing about falling behind on Breaking Bad is that you get to binge on whole seasons and that’s the most rewarding ten hours of your life. But once you’re caught up, you have to wait, and it blows. You scour YouTube for every clip you can find about the show. You read articles, like this one on Grantland (Spoiler AlertL catch the hell up before you read this).

But for some reason, this was the most exciting video we found. It’s probably because Hank’s been an awesome character throughout the show, but now s**t got real and this is his moment. We’re all more focused on Hank in the second half of the season than we are Walter, if only by a little bit. That’s still more than we have been at any point before this.

Turns out, Dean Norris is funny as balls.

via YouTube

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