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Genevieve Morton On A Sailboat Requires All Hands On Deck [VIDEO]


In the past few months, Genevieve Morton has taken the internet by storm. While most other Sports Illustrated swimsuit models have been working on other projects, Genevieve has been doing what she does best: looking incredible in swimsuits. The difference is that this year, she’s really taking advantage of video.

So hopefully by the time the next issue comes out, people will give her the respect and credit she deserves. Let’s take a look at an incredible off-season from the South African beauty:

• First it was the unforgettable #buttcam Instagram video. Then it was her #boobcam video.

• Yesterday she announced that her boobs were sore.

• Today we find this dreamy video of the blonde on a sailboat, shot by World Swimsuit. If this doesn’t make you wish that you had used up all your vacation days during the summer, I don’t know what will.

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