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Amstel Light’s Battle Of The Burgers Declares The Best Burger In NYC


Amstel Light and Time Out Magazine hosted their NYC leg of The Battle of the Burger at The Hudson Hotel last night. It was, dare I say, well done.

As “The Official Beer of the Burger” Amstel Light has been traveling all over the country pitting the best burger joints in each city against each other. The winners are determined in a truly democratic fashion because burgers are American: attendees are given a button and free reign to try as many different types of burgers as they can, making sure to leave room for beer. When an attendee has found their favorite burger, they then vote by dropping their button into a lock box. Simple, easy, and definitely filling.

Over 700 people attended the Battle of the Burgers and over 8,500 sliders/tasting portions were served.

The winning burger restaurant? Maialino, found on 2 Lexington Avenue. As soon as I had a taste of their “Late Night Burger” I knew they were going to be the winner. Instant “10.”

But just in case you weren’t one of the fortunate judges in attendance, in addition to providing the 12 contestants (and their locations), we’ve gone ahead and included the Top 3 burgers and their recipes for you to try and make at home.

Also, keep in mind that the Battle of the Burgers is coming to Philadelphia on September 6th and Chicago on September 19th

• #1 – Maialino | 2 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, NY

Name of burger: Maialino Late Night Burger

Ingredients of burger: Pat Lafrieda Beef with House Made Pancetta, Gorgonzola, Rosemary Brioche Bun, Mustard seeds

• #2 – Jeepney | 201 1st Avenue, Manhattan, NY

Name of burger: Chori Burger

Ingredients of burger: Angus Beef ‘n’ Sweet Cured Pork Longanisa With  Banana Ketchup, Atchara (Pickled Carrots, Cucumber, and Jicama)

• #3 – Hudson Common | 536 W 58th Street, Manhattan, NY

Name of burger: Common Burger

Ingredients of burger: Brioche Bun, Custom Ground Beef Blend, Common Sauce, Velveeta, Cheese Pickles

Blue Collar | 160 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, NY

• Bills Bar & Burger | 85 West Street (inside Marriott Downtown), Manhattan, NY

• Dram Shop | 339 9th St. Brooklyn, NY

Donovan’s | 57-24 Roosevelt Avenue, Woodside, NY

Minetta Tavern | 113 Macdougal St, Manhattan, NY

burger joint | 119 West 56th Street, Manhattan, NY

PJ Clarke’s | 915 3rd Avenue, Manhattan, NY

Corner Bistro | 331 W 4th St, Manhattan, NY

Five Guys Burger and Fries | Everywhere

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