Vine Videographer Alex Stack Explains How She Captured ‘The Craziest Video Ever’

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By now you’ve probably seen the Vine video that looks like it was filmed during a Hollywood stunt–a car goes 70 mph, hits a jump, and flies off of a highway that’s under construction. We needed to know how exactly Alex Stack (@AlexStackk) managed to capture it on video. So we just asked her.

Men, sometimes being direct is the only way to be. Here’s her statement she sent to us:

I was driving to Kalamazoo for a dance team practice [she’s on the Western Michigan Dance Team] and my window was down because the air conditioning in my car was broke[…] If it wasn’t down I probably wouldn’t have heard the car on the median[…] I thought it was just a car being stupid trying to get to the other side of the highway without getting off on an exit. I decided to record it because it wasn’t something you see everyday and it was kind of funny.

I noticed the cars in front of me and on the other side of the highway slowing, and I did the same. As I was trying to get the app open the car began to hit signs in the median and the truck was getting very high in the air probably going about 70mph. I started recording as soon as I could and only got 3 seconds of video. As soon as the car disappeared I got off on the exit and called the police. I called the police and the police already knew what had happened. It was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen.

So there you have it. The key to filming the most impossible Vine is just making sure that you keep filming weird stuff and maybe someone will have a life-threatening injury right in front of you.

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