Hey Handsome: This Turbo Wash Isn’t for Your Car

What if there was one soap that did everything for you? Okay, maybe not one soap can do everything for you, but we found one that does triple duty. Living up to it’s name, Jack Black Turbo Wash is kind of the shit.

This energizing cleanser is made to jump-start the body. Rosemary warms muscles, clears the sinuses and stimulates both the mind and body. Eucalyptus naturally supports immunity by reducing bacteria on the skin’s surface. Organic green tea is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Juniper Berry helps detox the body by eliminating lactic acid from muscles. Lesson learned: plants are awesome.

Not only is Jack Black Turbo Wash great for anytime, it’s mighty ideal for traveling as you can cleanse your body, hair and hands with just one bottle. Just another way you can brag to your woman about how light you pack as she struggles to get her suitcase in the car. Just kidding, we know you’re lugging her luggage for her, you gentleman you.

Get your energizing fix at getjackblack.com.

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