Say Hello To The Woman Who Stabbed Her Friend In The Face With A Stiletto Heel At A Baby Shower

No better way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new life than to attempt to take one away via sharp heel to the face.

28-year-old Julia Bol allegedly punctured 41-year-old Rebecca Boss’ left cheek as they stood on a Nebraska sidewalk about 3am yesterday during a baby shower. The pair were arguing before Bol reportedly grabbed one of Boss’ shoes, which she was holding in her hands and stabbed her in the face Also noteworthy and impressive, according to the police report the blow was so forceful the six-inch heel of the shoe had to be pulled out of Boss’ face.

The argument apparently started over a man the two have dated.

Hands down the most exciting 3am baby shower the Cornhusker State has ever held.

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