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20 Things You Should Only Do Once In A Blue Moon [PHOTOS + VIDEO]


As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, there’s going to be a Blue Moon tonight. So have you figured out what you’re actually going to do for it? It’s not everyday you get to do stuff usually reserved for “Once in a Blue Moon.” You should think of this as your opportunity to do a whole host of stuff you’d normally be too scared or dangerous to do regularly. Having said that, we don’t suggest doing more than one at once. Going cage diving while tripping balls on bath salts might not be your best idea ever.

So without further ado, here are a few suggestions for fun ways to spend your Blue Moon. Enjoy.

Image via Bostinno

1. Take Bath Salts

2. Go Streaking

3. Drive a Truck Off a Cliff

Image via Shutterstock

4. Call Her Back

5. Visit 4Chan’s /b/

6. Take A Strikeout

Image via COED Magazine

7. Go Jello Wrestling

8. Play “Pull or Die”

9. Visit Juarez, Mexico

10. Have Charity Sex

11. Try To Make It Through This Full Song

Image via Urlesque

12. Give Yourself Awesome Facial Hair

Image via

13. Go Cage Diving

14. Check Your Myspace Page

15. Go Rafting On An Inflatable Mattress

Image via Fugly

16. Get A Drunk Tattoo

17. Actually Go To Class

18. Run From The Police

Image via RenoTahoe

19. Visit Burning Man

20. Smoke Salvia

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