Uh-Oh, The “Pull-Out” Is Tied To Most Unwanted Pregnancies


Whoops. Looks like if you’re using the full proof method of “Pulling Out”, you may be in for a surprise. And by that I mean the literal definition of the worst unexpected happinging that can happen to a guy: A bun in the oven.

Here are the details of the disturbing study, according to Reuters Health:

Many young women use the “pull-out method” for birth control, and they tend to have more unintended pregnancies than other women, a new study suggests. Researchers compiling surveys from more than 2,000 women ages 15 to 24 found 31 percent had used the pull-out method, also known as withdrawal or coitus interruptus, over the last two years. Of those women, 21 percent reported having an unintended pregnancy. In contrast, 13 percent of women who only used other forms of birth control got pregnant unintentionally. “We found that people tend to use the withdrawal method when they’re not really planning ahead,” Dr. Annie Dude, a resident in obstetrics and gynecology at the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, and lead author of the paper, said. “It’s a lot more common than many people realize,” she told Reuters Health. And, Dude added, her study shows withdrawal doesn’t work as well as other birth control methods for avoiding unintended pregnancies.

Hope you got your rubbers.

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