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Who Is Really The #1 Party School In The US?


A few weeks ago The Princeton Review released their list of the Top Party Schools, revealing that the University of Iowa had been named the #1 place to booze. Their announcement left a lot of the United States stunned. And while the girls over at CollegeCandy wrote a great piece titled, “5 Reasons University of Iowa Is The Princeton Review’s #1 Party School,” I remained skeptical.

It looks like I’m not alone in my belief though, because I just discovered the guys from Fiesta Frog (we introduced you to them over a year ago) have come out with their own list. And unlike the Princeton Review, FF are guys who know a thing or two about college party nightlife–they’re a party social network.

So check out what I would consider a more knowledgeable list, complete with full descriptions for each of the 100 schools here.

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