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The Most Diehard Collegiate Sports Superfan Haircuts [32 PHOTOS]


If your idea of a “diehard fan” college sports fan is someone who’s willing to wake up at 7 AM, paint their face and get blackout drunk before showing up to a tailgate, you might need to get your head checked. That description can apply to any one of the hundreds of thousands of college students.

No, a real superfan isn’t afraid to go the distance.

A real superfan isn’t afraid to, say, shave their school’s logo into their head. Or chest. Or face.

So whether you’re looking to see how the real diehards get down or are just checking out how far some people are willing to go, you’re in the right place.

See which diehard college superfan hairdos made the cut in the gallery below.

Do you think your school has the most pride? Guess again. See the real list of The 15 Most Diehard College Sports Fanbases here.

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