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Nike Basketball’s Tournament Of Champions Begins Today In NYC



If you’re as big of a fan of basketball as we are, you’re dying to see some quality summer hoops. The good news is that if you’re a resident of the NYC area, some of best streetballers in the country (plus a good deal of semi-professionals) are going to be in your city from Wednesday (August 14th) – Saturday (August 17th).

Starting today at lunchtime (we’ll be there at The Cage) Nike’s set up a really great exhibition tournament called the Nike Tournament of Champions, highlighted by a game on Friday that will feature Team Durant vs. Team Harden.

Teams from New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago have all been flown in and the winners will play the finals at the Duggal Greenhouse at the Brooklyn Naval Yards this Saturday.

We’ve included the schedules for you below but in order to see the rosters, you’ll have to head over to SLAM Magazine.

Wednesday, August 14th, @ West 4th

• 12:00pm: NYC vs DC

Wednesday, August 14th @ Gershwin Park

• 6:30pm: Phi vs LA

• 8:30pm: Chi vs NYC

Thursday, August 15th @ West 4th

• 12:0pm: DC vs LA

• 2:00pm: Phi vs Chi

Thursday, August 15th @ Dyckman Park

• 6:30pm: DC vs Chi

• 8:30pm: LA vs NYC

Friday, August 16th @ Duggal Greenhouse

• 10:00am: Philly vs DC (men)

• 12:00pm: NJ vs Phi (HS boys)

• 2:00pm: NY vs DC (HS Boys)

• 4:00pm: LA vs Chi (men)

• 6:00pm: NYC vs Phi (men)

• 8:00pm: Summer is Serious Game ( Team Harden vs Team Durant)

Saturday, August 17th @Duggal Greenhouse

• 10:00am: High School Girls

• 12:00pm: Adult Women

• 2:00pm Men’s Semis

• 4:00pm: Men’s Semis

6:00pm: High School Boys

• 8:00pm: Adult Men

• 10pm: Special Guest Performance

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