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Hey Handsome: Can a Scent be Tailored?


Gucci¬†seems to think so. You can have suits and shirts made to measure, but chances are you’ve never had a custom cologne created just for you (and if you have, please give us some recommendations in the comments). Because having a bespoke fragrance blended isn’t cheap, especially if quality is what you’re after. But with Gucci’s newest scent Made to Measure, there’s no need to tailor your cologne. Here’s why.

This new scent is for the manly man who pays attention to detail. People want to listen to him whether he commands it or not. He’s rugged but sophisticated, refined but not high-maintenence. Tailored to make a lasting impression, Made to Measure is everything we’ve been looking for in a fall fragrance.

Just like a custom-made suit, Gucci Made to Measure is carefully structured to make you smell amazing. Anis seed mixed with lavender is warm and inviting (welcome ladies) while spicy cinnamon and rich Sri Lankan nutmeg are mad sexy. Leather and amber are unmistakably masculine. Not to mention the bottle will look pimp on your dresser.

Head over to and experience this fragrance for yourself.

COED Writer