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Shelby Carter, Former COED Contributor, Gets Topless On NYC Rooftop Bar [PHOTOS]


It’s been some time since COED’s heard from Houston-based model Shelby Carter, the former Playboy model and Miss COED who still to this day holds the title of “Most Attractive Contributing Writer For COED.”

So what’s she been up to these past few months? Still turning heads. I know this because she’s the subject of this video (NSFW link) currently going viral which features her going topless on NYC rooftop bar.

Filmed by photographer Allen Henson (famous for stunts like this), we’re glad to see Shelby’s doing well. So of course we had to ask her some questions about the whole thing.

Was the project your idea or Allen’s? The project was Allen’s. He had shot content earlier this month of another model. Allen and I are great friends, and I am his muse. So naturally, when I was visiting him in New York we decided that we had to shoot a topless shot. We did the Empire State Building and The Peninsula hotel.

What were the customers’ reactions? I got mixed reactions from the customers at The Peninsula. The older clientele covered their eyes and seemed a bit offended. Most people took photos with their phones. I did get a round of applause from a few folks as I was walking back inside from the terrace.

What was the reaction of the police? The cops were mainly just confused. I said I wasn’t going back in, and they just said ok. It’s completely legal for a woman to be topless in public. No laws were broken.

What are you doing now? I’m back in Houston for the time being. I will be doing more work with Playboy later this month. I plan on moving to New York soon.

For those of you interested, here are the four articles she wrote for us (interviews with Leanna Decker [one of Maxim’s Hometown Hotties Semifinalists], Lauren Westlund, Annicia Davis, and Maria Ramos). Of course there were more interviews scheduled but Shelby’s a busy woman.

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