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More Marijuana Miracles: Dad Says Pot Saved His 6-Year-Old’s Life


We’ve been featuring a number of these Marijuana Miracle stories lately. The little girl in Colorado who stopped having seizures after trying medical marijuana and studies showing pot may have a positive impact on children with Autism. Why? Because weed is winning right now, and here is just more proof of the changing momentum, courtesy of MSN:

6-year old Jayden David has Dravet Syndrom and suffered from seizures so severe and frequent, he couldn’t walk, play or do much of anything. He often had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Doctors prescribed as many as 22 pills a day. Nothing worked. “At one point Jayden had seizures 24 hours a day lasting an hour and a half,” his father, Jason David, told local station KCRA. “I went to my doctor and said, ‘I don’t think Jayden is going to last. He can’t sleep, can’t eat. He hasn’t used the restroom. He cant do anything.'”

With no alternate options, the doctor prescribed a liquid form of cannabis called CBD, which gives less of a high. It was the first day of his entire life that Jayden went seizure-free. In the two years since, he’s taken CBD daily and now walks, plays and laughs happily. Jason credits medical marijuana with saving his son’s life — and says he’s speaking out now to help other parents with children in Jayden’s situation. “How can I not tell people, ‘Hey, save your children’s lives?'” he asks.

The first day the father gave his son medical marijuana was the first day the boy NEVER had a seizure? Doesn’t get much more conclusive than that.

Point: Pot.

COED Writer