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COED Returns To The Crown Royal Brickyard 400 With Gunnery Sargeant Samuel Deeds [PHOTOS]


Alongside American hero Samuel Deeds, COED buckled up for a trip to the Crown Royal Brickyard 400 and headed to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for some old-fashioned shake’n’bake.

As was the case last year, Crown Royal and Taylor PR created a scavenger hunt for the 20-odd bloggers they brought along, tasking everyone with finding the most interesting stuff you could find in and around the IMS. The winning team received tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII.

I’ll cut to the chase. No, my team didn’t win the tickets but I can guarantee you that we had the most fun.

Why’s that? Because we knew that we were too far behind in the rankings anyways. And rather than drive around the 560 acres of infield looking for last-minute extra points, we parked our golf cart at Turn #1, poured ourself some Crown, and got weird with the fans. It was amazing.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to drink (responsibly) with this guy?

Don’t answer that question.

As far as publicity is concerned, the “Your Hero’s Name Here” Crown Royal Brickyard 400 is probably the Canadian whiskey company’s crowning achievement each year. Not only do they fly in various employees (and even customers) to be treated to a VIP race, they make sure that everyone in attendance remembers that the “Your Hero’s Name Here” finalists are the real winners.

Special thanks to Crown Royal, Diageo, Taylor PR, and (most importantly) Samuel Deeds.

Check out the photos from the last place Capture The Crown Team Powered By Hailey below!

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