The Weirdest Stuff Seen At Gathering Of The Juggalos 2013 [PHOTOS]

You know that you’re in a f*cked up place when you can say that you saw someone staple one dollar bills to themselves, heard someone yell “I’m gonna rape your mother if you don’t buy our drugs,” or witnessed someone cutting off their nipples for $80.

You know that you’re at Gathering Of The Juggalos when there’s one person who’s responsible for doing all three (and of course he has a mugshot).

This year’s annual freak fest finished up this past weekend, up in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. Thanks to Instagram and photographer Nate Igor Smith (who’s promised to add more crazy photos to his page shortly), we’ve got the goods on some of the weirdest stuff that happened. We even have evidence that some of the rarest Juggalos (good-looking women) were actually in attendance.

This annual gallery is not something to be missed, especially when you take into account the unfortunate death of one Juggalo. More than likely the police are going to crack down on this event much harder next year.

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