It’s Time To Cook Breakfast On The Grill [VIDEO]


Wow, thanks BuzzFeed for showing us which breakfast foods we can BBQ

Of course, because it’s BuzzFeed, Pop Tarts get the second highest score with the note “Just like you remembered them,” meaning, just like you remembered them from the ’90s, the decade Buzzfeed’s obsessed with. We make fun, but this video is killer; not only is it educational, it makes you want to get to grilling ASAP.

There’s about weekends of summer left, but with football season starting, you’re going to be tailgating in the morning before games, so you might want to know how to make some breakfast in the parking lot. In case you have s**t in your ears, we said you’re going to be tailgating in the morning before games. If that’s not your thing, that’s fine but get your sorry ass off our blog. There’s no place for you here. BuzzFeed has its thing with the ’90s, we have ours with not tolerating people who aren’t football fans.

Back to the video. The pineapple looks good, as do the pancakes. We felt like the pound cake could have been good but that they just cooked it wrong. If you’re gonna grill pound cake, or muffins for that matter, keep it off to the side so it’s not right on the grill. And be watchful: It’s fattier than a hot dog bun, so it’s going to crisp faster. Turn it regularly.

via BuzzFeed

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