E-40 Talks About New Album And Love For Kendrick Lamar [VIDEO]


Every so often, here at COED we feel the need to cover some hip hop news. Not just news about a rapper getting caught smacking someone on video either, just some updates on the state of hip hop or one MC in particular. We recently covered why E-40 and Too Short can teach newer rappers a thing or two, but a new video came out showing how much E-40 respects some of the newer rappers coming out.

E’s new album features newer MCs like Schoolboy Q and Danny Brown, and when told by Nessa, the fan-girl interviewer, that Kendrick Lamar can’t stop talking about E-40, he turned right back around and said he’s just as obsessed with Kendrick Lamar.

At this point, you’re thinking, wow, we’re just telling you about some unimportant hip hop gossip. But have you heard most rap lately? Besides Kanye, Kendrick, and Wiz, everybody’s either tired or rapping about smoking weed and taking shots off a girl who’s only job in the world is to polish their knobs. That actually gets old.

E-40 is one of the best MCs of all time, and he’s still going strong. For him to foster new rappers he deems worthy is good for hip hop. They’ll be the dudes younger rappers’ll want to imitate.

Then world peace can be achieved.

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