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Watch Walter White Sing “My Way” By Frank Sinatra, Then Deal More Meth [VIDEO]


If you’re not pumped for the final season premiere of Breaking Bad, then you won’t want to watch this video, but you also don’t deserve to live

Right now I can tell you that everyone at COED, including myself, is s**ting a brick of joy and anticipation right now for tomorrow night’s Breaking Bad. We need things to tide us over, like behind the scenes footage, Vince Giligan interviews, and funny videos like the one above. Did I say funny? Sorry, I meant manly, epic, and able to quell a true BB fan’s bloodlust for a new episode.

It’s a perfect mash-up of BB and Sinatra’s “My Way” because, obviously this song is about the show, and it has a sadness we all know is coming.

via Hypervocal

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