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Saturday Cocktail: The Beer Shandy


As August gets more humid, you it’s OK to want your beer to cool you off a bit while you get sauced

The beer shandy’s been around for a long time, but it’s starting to get commercialized in a bad way, much like the black and tan, in that they shouldn’t be mixed then bottled, but it’s happening. This summer, I was lucky enough to be at a random bar in Arlington, VA where reps for Highland Brewery were promoting their craft brews. After a good number of beers, we were drunkenly commiserating about the gimmicks and trends that can hurt the beer industry, like Leinenkugel’s (pre-made) Summer Shandy.

So we made our own shandy with Highland’s Razor Wit Belgian Wheat beer and some lemonade, and it was way better. Highland’s mainly available in the Southeast, so if it’s not around where you are, find a good Belgian or German wheat beer for it.

Here’s the recipe. It’s really difficult, so if it’s too hard for you, you probably need it pre-made in a bottle. Are you ready?

4 oz. Lemonade

12 oz. Beer.


Lemon slice optional.

  • COED Writer