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Crazy Soccer Fan Runs On The Field Of The Champions Cup And Hugs Cristiano Ronaldo [VIDEO]


If there’s one thing you should take away from last night’s 2013 Guinness International Champions Cup finals in Miami, it should be that American security guards really don’t give a f*ck about the safety of international soccer superstars.

During the second half of the finals match between Real Madrid and Chelsea, a fan ran on the field and gave Cristiano Ronaldo (hands down the biggest soccer star in the world) a hug for a full 30 seconds before he was politely escorted off-pitch.

Kudos to C-Ronaldo for not acting like the d*uche we all thought he would but would you want to upset a fan crazy enough to run on the field? No, you hug him as closely as possible until backup arrives so that he can’t pull that pistol on you.

Sure, all’s well that ends well but if this was a baseball game you can bet your ass that eight out of shape security guards would be dying to be the first to tackle and/or pepper spray this dude.

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