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Say Hello To The Aspiring Rapper Who Raps About Stand Off With Cops During Stand Off With Cops


TuPac went to jail. 50 Cent was shot multiple times in the face. Dr. Dre probably killed people regularly growing up in Compton. You have to do something special to get street cred in this world, and that’s all that Adequate Advocate is trying to accomplish here. Well, that and embarrassing himself on a worldwide stage.

The Coloradoan has more details:

An aspiring teenage rapper accused of threatening his roommates with a knife was recording a music video about being surrounded by the SWAT team when a flash bang grenade went off in his Fort Collins home. Police arrested Josh Jackson, 19, late Monday and said he faces felony menacing charges. Jackson goes by the name Adequate Advocate and, in his rap, discusses his roommates and his family. The title of the video is “police are trying to murder me as I write this.” Jackson posted a series of Facebook messages earlier in the day about the 5th Amendment, which addresses search warrants and criminal prosecutions.

Let’s hope Adequate Advocate hones his skills while in the slammer. He’ll have a solid 10 to 20 to perfect the craft.

  • COED Writer