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Hey Handsome: There’s More to Shaving than a Razor Blade


The art of the proper shave is experiencing a renaissance. With places like Blind Barber and The New York Shaving Company cropping up all over the country, men of all ages are flocking in droves to experience a professional beard trim or old-timey straight razor shave. But a perfectly smooth shave can happen at home if you have the right tools, which is where The Art of Shaving comes in.

Chances are, you have a favorite shaving cream and razor from when you started busting that beard as a teenager. While we may not be able to convince you to swap your tried and true staples for something shiny and new, we can tell you why you need to start prepping you skin and taking care of it post-shave. When you use a Pre-Shave Gel, it softens the hair with essential oils, creating less friction against your razor and allowing for a smoother, closer shave.

And your shaving routine shouldn’t end immediately following the extinction of your mustache. No matter how much you shave or how old you get, dragging a razor across your skin will never be a soothing experience for it. So an After-Shave Lotion is essential to hydrate and refresh the skin, preventing irritation along the way.

We’re fully on board with the brotherhood of shaving. Won’t you join us? Check out to learn more.

  • COED Writer