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NYC Pet Owners Using Fake Service Dog Tags So Their Pets Can Go Anywhere With Them


Tired of tying your pet up outside while going to the grocery store? Or even smarter, leaving it at home while you run your errands and take it out for a walk on another occasion? Well, have no fear. You can be a d*ck and take advantage of the system and fake an illness or disability! Basically the equivalent to parking in a handicapped spot for assh*le pet owners.

The NYP has more:

Phony “service dog” and “therapy dog” patches have been showing up all over the Big Apple, from grocery stores to night clubs. “I was sick of tying up my dog outside,” said Brett David, whose tiny dog wore an unofficial “therapy dog” patch with him throughout a Manhattan Whole Foods. The N.Y. Health Department issues service dog tags if a dog trainer provides a note saying the dog can perform useful tasks. Proof of a disability is not required. Official service dogs are allowed to travel anywhere, without typical pet restrictions.

And there you have it. Dogs showing up in grocery stores I can understand, but night clubs? I guess if you feel the need to take man’s best friend out drinking then you really didn’t have any friends to go out with in the first place.

  • COED Writer