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Miss COEDs Cozy Up to Reason Clothing on a Rainy NYC Afternoon


What do you do on a rainy summer day in New York City? When a downpour hits during the year’s hottest months, no one wants to flag down the ice cream man, sit on a soggy lawn to hear a band play or jump into one of the city’s few swimming pools. Suddenly, everything about summer in the city has poof! disappeared before your very eyes, even if they’re only in hiding until the sun decides to emerge again. But girls who want to have fun never let a few puddles force them into hibernation, which is why our Miss COEDs Alisha LouiseKarla Laureen and Eleni Meneve knew exactly what to do when the forecast called for a dreary day. Outfitted in Reason Clothing — our favorite streetwear label, producing independent, quality clothing in NYC since 2004 — they headed to Redd’s Tavern in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for an afternoon of pool, skee ball and some quality girl time.

Photographer: Lea Rubin

Stylist: Amanda Gabriele

Special thank you to OnePR NY and Redd’s Tavern

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