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Can You Believe ‘The O.C.’ is 10 Years Old?


Okay, so this totally makes us feel OLD. Teenage drama The O.C. turns 10 today, meaning most of our staff was still in high school when it premiered. When the first episode aired on August 5, 2003, who knew the show would be home to some of the best new music and hottest cast members? Well we found out soon enough because this show hook, lined and sunk us immediately, and we’re not afraid to admit it.

But besides ridiculously amusing story lines and a Modest Mouse performance, there were totally other reasons to watch the show. Things like Rachel Bilson, defintiely our pick for hottest cast member. Who didn’t love teenage dream Summer Roberts, especially when we found out there was a real sweetheart under that bitchy Orange County facade? From the O.C. days to her more recent Magnum ice cream bar commercials, we are totally hooked on Rachel. Check out her hottest photos and Magnum ad below.

COED Writer