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Watch This Jacked Dude Embarass Himself On Live TV


If you’re going to go through the trouble of having a bunch of muscles, you should be able to impress the public

Unfortunately, Douchebag McHumanGrowthHormone over here probably did too much body building this week, so his hands are raw from holding all those dumbbells. Now he can’t even open a water bottle.

We can think of a few things more embarrassing for this dude. Let’s see…

– Having a chick in your bed watch you not be able to open a condom wrapper.

– Nope that’s it. That’s the only thing more embarrassing than not being able to open a water bottle with your giant muscles while you’re on TV and baseball announcers are making fun of you.

He also picked a bad week to make steroid abuse look bad at a baseball game. More on that later.

via MLB

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