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People To Know About In The Latest MLB Juicing “Scandal” [PHOTOS]


MLB Commissioner. Expected to hand down suspension tomorrow.

Some exciting things are about to go down tomorrow in America’s boring sport

Whenever a scandal erupts in America, assume there was a Florida con artist involved. Just do it. Florida’s full of ’em. This time around, Tony Bosch, a Florida pretend-doctor, conned some weirdo, which caused a chain of events leading to tomorrow’s imminent suspensions of several Major League Baseball players, including Alex Rodriguez.

Here at COED, our biggest problem with baseball players taking performance-enhancing drugs is that it hasn’t made the game any more interesting. We have no doubt that NFL players take that stuff with their Cheerios every morning, but football is inherently interesting. They could be anorexics and we’d still be paying out the nose for Sunday Ticket.

Anyway, the juicing scandal is big news, and we want to help you understand it, so we put together this slideshow with all the key players and what their roles are in the scandal.

However, when we hear the term “juicing” when talking about baseball, we always hope it means that every player has to have some meat juice or blood on their uniform while playing and several rottweilers and dobermans are roaming the field.

That would give the game some life.

via ESPN

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