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Say Goodbye To Day Above Ground’s “Asian Girlz” Video [VIDEO]


Day Above Ground’s taking down their controversial, unfunny video “Asian Girlz”

If we told you that an untalented band headed by a guy who looks like Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray wrote a song about loving Asian women, you’d say, “Well at least Bill Clinton’s president.” Because we’d both agree that it was the ’90s. Nope, it’s 2013 and that untalented band, Day Above Ground, wrote a hacky ass song about Asian women with a so, so hip misspelling: “Asian Girlz.” Get it? They changed the “s” to a “z” so it’d be ironically like a rap song.

They used every cliché stereotype about Asians and threw in a hot Asian chick in an attempt to go viral, and now they have to take their video off the inter webs because of the controversy it created. Problem is, the controversy is over the racist aspect of it and not the lame lack of originality the video offers. If it’s still online, check out the video above. If not, you’re lucky.

via TMZ

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