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Janina Gavankar: Woman Who Won The Week [PHOTOS]


Janina Gavankar doesn’t want to stop being a vampire, and we respect the hell out of that

She might be taking a huge step back in terms of show quality, but Gavankar will still be a vampire on The Vampire Diaries after her vampire character was killed in season 6 of True Blood. In case you haven’t been watching “True Blood” the last few years, she’s a frickin’ hot vampire, so we’re psyched she’s staying one. Yes, Vampire Diaries is a joke of a TV show, more Twilight than HBO show, but we bet she’ll stay hot.

It’s pretty crazy that she jumped from one vampire show to another. That means she either really likes playing one on TV, the networks do, or her agent is a vampire.

via IMDB

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