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Check Out One Great Journey Cover And 9 Terrible Ones [VIDEOS]


Your chances of hearing a good Journey cover are 1 in 10, so we brought you that exact ratio

Today we were lucky enough to come across Keith Carmichael on the internet, and god damn that dude is talented. He makes some weird, rapey faces when he sings, but he’s still impressive. His cover of “Faithfully” got us thinking about how rare it is to hear a good Journey cover. We’re not talking about being at a bar when “Don’t Stop Believin'” comes on the jukebox and 800 Megans, Kellys, Brads, and Jordans start belting it out terribly.
We’re talking about when a band, or just a single dude, puts his abortion of a cover song out on the internet.

You’ve seen the good one, so here’s nine terrible Journey covers.

Not Sure If The Video Is Worse Than The Song

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Glee. ‘Nuff Said

Pianos Were A Bad Idea

Acoustic Doesn’t Mean Less Crappy

Does This Guy Have Throat Cancer?

Too Much Went Into This Being S**ty

He Sings It Well, But His Faces Are Douchey

You’re Not Allowed To Sing Journey Like Green Day

You Don’t Need That Many People To Cover Journey

This Is Reaching

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