Penelope Cruz Directs One Epic And Sexy Underwear Ad [COMMERCIAL + PICS]

The commercial stars the Penelope’s Oscar winning husband Javier Bardem, her pregnant sister and Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Irina Shayk. Oh, as well as a couple dozen smoking hot ladies that we would kill someone just to be in the same zip code, just for good measure. The video is currently lighting up the Interwebs, and for good reason. Don’t think there has been an advertisement that’s going to increase sales in underwear since Tom Cruise danced in his tighty whities to some Old Time Rock And Roll.

But even with all the beauties in the commercial, nobody can stand toe-to-toe with the masterful director herself, Penelope looks better at age 39 than 99.999% of people would ever look.

Here are some amazing photos of the beautiful Penelope Cruz that should hold you over for awhile before you rush home to watch Blow again for the 100th time.

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