What’s on Tap this Weekend: Heroes Never Die IPA

By The Professor JW Faulkner – @EngProfJW

Living in North Carolina, it’s easy to get caught up in everything North Carolina does – mullets, grits, barbecue and moving the TV and couch onto the front lawn to watch NASCAR. Yes, North Carolina does all those things, but North Carolina also does beer. From Ashville to Raleigh, the NC breweries are killing it. So I guess the question must be asked, “why on a Thursday am I in a warehouse in Bumble, NC, talking to a retired Military Vet?” The answer: all in the name of great beer! Today I am hanging out and drinking with the dudes from Beer Army Combat Brewery. This weekend, raise a pint that is filled with a damn good brew to America’a finest; this weekend, Heroes Never Die IPA is What’s on Tap.

Beer Army’s head brewer, Jeff Brungard, not only spent 28 years in the Marine Corps, he has studied beer and brewing (coolest major ever) in America and Germany. Basically he can kick your ass up and down a pint before you even realize what the hell happened. Currently, Jeff is brewing beer in Beer Army’s Brewing Bunker, a warehouse in Trenton, NC. Do not be fooled by the warehouse and Beer Army’s newness (opened in April) because their beer is already sold throughout the state of North Carolina with continued growth planned for the latter part of this year.

Heroes Never Die IPA is not just a line from Sandlot, it is a very good beer full of citrus and floral favors, combined with just a little bitterness drinkers love from all great IPAs. What is great about this IPA is the hop flavor is not overpowering, but still present, so hop-lovers and casual IPA drinkers alike can enjoy it. The balance and flavor of this brew makes it a perfect summer IPA, but who am I kidding: it’s a great summer or anytime brew! Because of the citrus flavors, this beer pairs well with wings or even some barbecue pork laced with hot sauce (exactly how I enjoyed this brew).

If you get the chance, pick-up some Beer Army Combat Brewery Heroes Never Die IPA. Though they are one of the newer breweries in NC, it is clear from drinking their beers they will be all-over the lips of beer lovers. This weekend, raise a pint of Heroes Never Die IPA and toast to this new brewery and to Dustin (majority owner, Veteran of the Iraqi War and still active duty Marine) and Jeff’s military service. I believe it was Robert Duvall aka Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore who said it best: “I love the smell of Hops in the morning. The smell, you know that floral hoppy smell, the whole brew. Smelled like…victory.”


Beer Stats:
Alcohol by Volume: 6.5%
Color: Dark Hazy Copper / Light Hazy Amber

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