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Hey Handsome: Summer Doesn’t Have to Smell Like Sweat


But seriously, you know it’s hot, you know you sweat, so it’s time to take action against summer smelliness. Sure, bathing is your best option (please bathe, people) but what to do when you’re stuck at the office and need to head straight to happy hour after work? You should grab a bottle of Lacoste L.12.12 Noir and keep it on your desk for such emergencies.

What will you smell like if you spray down with this cologne, a special tribute to Lacoste’s 80th birthday? Inspired by the greatness of hot summer nights, this woody scent is equal parts fresh and manly. And actually, it’s pretty timeless, just like those Lacoste polos you love. We tried Lacoste L.12.12 Noir in the office, and everyone agrees it smells fantastic. Even the ladies were trying to get a whiff and cop a spritz.

So handsome, pick up a bottle for yourself (it’s a deal at $65) and be date-ready when you leave work instead of worrying about smelling like a homeless man.

COED Writer