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Depressing Study Says You Can’t Drink Yourself Into Happiness


Challenge accepted.

Here are more details of the study of sadness, courtesy of MSN:

Researchers at the University of Vermont conducted a study into which emotions drive drinkers to hit the booze and how they feel afterward. Anyone who’s experienced a monster hangover in the past won’t be surprised to hear that alcohol makes most people much more miserable, despite us all thinking we’re going out to have fun. To track moods the team asked 246 heavy drinkers to respond to a voice recording throughout the day and talk about how they felt. The answer: terrible. The team also analyzed different drinking habits between the sexes and found it’s anger that drives dudes to over-indulge more than the fairer sex, who often reach for a bottle when they’re feeling stressed, and who feel the effects more the day after.

Personally I believe the type of situation while drinking determines the level of happiness. On a yacht with celebrities drinking Cristal and having your balls massaged by numerous beautiful women? I’d be pretty happy hammered. Conversely, sitting in a puddle of my own piss in Central Park polishing off my 4th Hurricane of the morning? Yeah, it would be difficult to drink your way out of that depression. Still probably worth the old college try.

  • COED Writer