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More Marijuana Miracles: Pot May Help Kids With Autism


Hooray, weed! Is there anything this pot of wonderfulness can’t do? Well, besides legalize itself across the lands of freedom, of course.

MSN has more on the groundbreaking study:

Stanford University released a study that will most likely add more fuel to the already contentious debate over medical marijuana, especially regarding its possible use by kids. The study, released in April, shows that cannabinoids, which are found in cannabis, might help treat autism. In the human brain, endocannabinoid signaling affects memory formation, learning, and other processes, but forms of autism can block these signals. When cannabinoids were present in the brains of mice being studied, these signals were able to get through. While more research is needed, autism groups are hopefull about the possibilties of medical marijuana. As the Autism Daily Newscast put it, “Many children with autism are already given cocktails of drugs that may be even stronger than marijuana, with serious side effects and limited results.”

No word if this will result in an increase of obesity of children suffering with autism, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. At least Cheetos and Taco Bell will continue to be decent family friendly destinations.

  • COED Writer