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The Worst Career-Ending Injuries In Sports [PHOTOS]


Jeremy Maclin’s season is over – not necessarily his career – but it got us thinking about all those other weak ligaments that ended careers.

It’s always weird to think about football players, these giant freaks of nature über-packed with muscle, donning metal helmets and hard plastic shoulder pads and running into each other at high speeds, being completely neutered by a tear to one little piece of spaghetti in their knees. OK, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament allows for the knee to bend and twist somewhat, thus allowing players to run and juke, skills that are absolutely essential to, you know, life and football and stuff.

It’s the kind of irony that, if hipsters liked football, they’d enjoy: giant dudes who terrorized them in high school having a ridiculously flimsy Achilles’ Heel. If only those hipsters had kicked them in the back of the knee in high school…it would have been the end of bullying forever.

Anyway, Philadelphia Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin is the latest mighty dude to tear his ACL, this time in training camp. As a Giants fan, I don’t have much pity for him because our secondary would have done worse to him in their first meeting. Also, Maclin is lucky that he doesn’t have to play for something as vomit-like as the Eagles anymore.

If this is the end of Maclin’s career, he’s in good company. Here’s some players whose careers have ended by knee injury.

via Yahoo! Sports

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