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Learn From This Dude: Dan DiLiberti [VIDEO]


Vine user Dan DiLiberti crushed the six second video medium with this Vine

Vine will never catch on the way its creators want it too. The problem is most people can’t be funny in six seconds except people like Will Sasso. Dan DiLiberti, an amateur Vine user (they all go unpaid, but Sasso’s been on TV and in movies), is giving Vine some hope that every day users can master the short short joke.

If Vine fails, we won’t cry. In fact, we’ll probably not even notice and just keep playing Super Nintendo, so dudes like DiLiberti won’t exactly be changing the world. But he could be someone who gets “discovered” through this new medium, which would be badass. You can learn from him…if you have the ambition to succeed at something, and a new application or format comes along that can help you reach a wider audience, get your lazy ass up on that.

Check out more of his Vines here

via Vinescope

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