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See How Link From Legend Of Zelda Looks In Ten Different Cartoons


This artist drew Link as if he were a character on ten different animated shows, and they’re pretty damn cool

There’s an artist out there who watches way too many animated cartoons. He might have not seen direct sunlight in the past few months, but the good news is that he gave us this badass set of drawings of Link, our first epic video game hero (no, Mario wasn’t epic, and if Castlevania was second), as if he were drawn by the creators of shows like The Simpsons and Samurai Jack.

What’s especially awesome about TanBurn’s work is that you can see the lack of creativity in shows like Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers, which are clearly borrowing too much from The Simpsons. Also, it’s pretty cool how he captured the subtle difference between a Simpsons character and a Futurama character.

Unfortunately, Link won’t be appearing in any of these shows in the near future.

via Imgur

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