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Pro-Marijuana Ads To Start Airing At NASCAR Events


Weed: The New Beer. Will the joyful hicks that are NASCAR fans put down their Bud Heavies in favor for some normal Bud? Tough call. You can’t really start fights as well when you’re high.

The USA TODAY has more:

Fans attending a major NASCAR race this weekend will see a most unlikely video posted on a giant video screen shortly before entering the track: a pro-marijuana legalization ad. Outside the NASCAR Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis, the same track that hosts the famed Indianapolis 500, Marijuana Policy Project, the nation’s largest pro-marijuana legalization advocacy group, has purchased space to air – dozens of times over the weekend – a video that pushes the theme that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. It marks the first time a pro-marijuana legalization ad will appear so close to an entrance gate of a major sporting event. The Brickyard 400, in its 20th year, is regarded as one of NASCAR’s biggest races. But the video ad isn’t just pro-marijuana. While it’s made to look like a beer ad, its tone sounds anti-alcohol. Unlike beer, a narrator in the video says, marijuana has “no calories,” “no hangovers” and, the ad says, “it’s not linked to violence or reckless behavior.”

The real question is, why does this advertisement want you to do marijuana in lieu of alcohol? Two things go together like peanut butter and jelly.

  • COED Writer