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Aubrey Plaza Gets The GIF Treatment [33 GIFs]


There is just something about Aubrey Plaza. We admit it, her natural beauty and girl-next-door appeal have us kind of smitten. We love her as the indifferent April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation and can’t wait to see her in summer’s sexiest coming-of-age movie The To Do List. In her recent interview with GQ, the actress apparently started speaking obscenities into the voice recorder as soon as interviewer Mark Byrne walked away from where they were sitting. “Vagina,” she says into the voice recorder. “Penis. Balls.” She starts laughing to herself. “Old person’s penis. With a top hat on it. And a mustache. On the beach.” Geez, will you just marry us already, Aubrey?

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of the starlet, check out her best GIFs below.

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